Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Day in Sentosa

I read from several parenting blogs that the Port of Lost Wonder has been closed on December 2016, but not so long after the closing, they opened a waterpark for kids on the same spot with a new name, Palawan Pirate Ship. And it's free of charge. Who doesn't love freebies? Hehe. So, on Vesak public holiday last Wednesday, we went to Sentosa. 

But unfortunately, the weather was not being nice to us that day, it was cloudy and a bit rainy. Instead of playing water in the pirate ship, we just walked by the beach and stopped by in a pavilion to have our homemade fried rice. The total cost for this picnic in Sentosa was nearly zero, we only had to pay for the bus fares from our apartment to Harbourfront Tower, and from there we took the cable car (which we still have one year unlimited pass until this end of next July). 

Even though we canceled the plan to play water at Palawan Pirate Ship, we did still have fun riding the beach trams and strolling around from Palawan Beach to Siloso Point. Absolutely will have another picnic another day in Sentosa. 

Let's go there, Papa!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

This is Bobbi. A hand-me-down white teddy bear we got from my best friend T along with some useful baby accessories my daughter S was still 5 months old. Her then 3 years old daughter didn't really like to play with dolls so they gave it to us. 

It turns out to be a good thing now that S loves Bobbi so much, she treats him like her own brother. Bobbi is the first thing that she looks for every morning when she wakes up, Bobbi has to sit next to her on the table for mealtime, Bobbi should be sat on the floor with her during playtime, etc. My baby S has several other dolls I bought for her, but looking at the way she treats them, nothing compares to Bobbi. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017


After quite a while being in a quest to find a good and affordable muslimah clothing brand for kids, finally... I found Paku Payung Club! The reasonably cheapest one, thanks to the instagram hashtag (I finally figured out the advantages of those #hashtags too). 

But the down side of it is that it's only available on instagram. As a customer who feels more confident to shop online via online marketplaces rather than directly from the (instagram) sellers, it's a let down for me. Anyway, despite being hesitant and doubtful about the transaction security, I dared my self to order and take the risk of disappointment caused later. 

My hesitancy proved to be incorrect, whenever my package arrived, it turned out very good. It's worth the money that I spend  to be honest, although the fabric material is not as delicate as the fabric of Bayi Banget Hijab. But I am not complaining here though, we are happy customer. 

Look at these dresses I bought for S. Aren't they cute? I will definitely get another one or two from another series. FYI, they seem to release new series every week! 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

That's Why

Found this quote on Pinterest and felt pretty much related to it. 

A friend once said that the reason why we don't have the same close relationship as we used to with our old friends is simply because we are no longer walking on the same path. I somehow agree with that, we move forward and choose to make a turn in our life direction where that could be a choice where our old friends are not included anymore. But at that time,  in my defense I said that we could always still contact and keep each other updated although we live a thousand miles apart and do something totally different.  

Now I finally understand what my friend implied with her reasoning. No longer in the same path means nothing in common that we could talk about. Live in different side of the world means no more 'shoulder' to rely on every time we need, both physically and mentally. Do different things means different life principles and points of view about what's right and wrong. 

All these differences make us reluctant to still make a contact, even just for saying hi. Some people think they don't have much time to do that and some find it hard to say what next. And that's how it begins. If only we would try harder and put more effort to keep in touch with our friends, they would probably (hopefully) do the same thing for us. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Daddy Dearest

I went to East Java my husband and my baby for a vacation to East Java, two months ago, which I still reluctant to write an entry about it. But today, I just want to share a little part of the trip we visited the cemetery where my beloved father was buried. It's a first-time visit for both my husband and baby, and the first time for me too, after 16 years we all moved for good to Jakarta.

I still regret that I couldn't find his grave that day, yes he was buried there, but all I can recall from my 13-years old girl's memory is there were only two graves at that time. As the time passes by, now the cemetery is starting to run out of its space. I've checked each and every of the graves but I still can't find any headstone with my father's name on it. I called my younger brother who lives 7500 miles away to ask which side our father's grave located, but he said that the name on headstone might have been vanished gone with the time, so it would be difficult for me to find. Yeah maybe he's right because I saw some headstones with no names. I could have contacted the caretaker, but I didn't do it because we're already on a tight schedule and need to drive again to the next city, so the least thing I could do there were just sending my pray and asking that He would have His mercy on my father.

we go on with life without him for seventeen years already. And things are totally different now. The three of us, his children, live in different countries to pursue our own happiness. But looking back to those years we had with him, I couldn't thank Allah enough that He gave us a little precious time to spend our joyful childhood together with a figure that was so wise, bold, yet humorous and adventurous. I loved how he was so keen to bring us in a road trip every weekend or school holiday to a new city or place. Above all that he ever gave me, I cherished that despite the toys, dresses, and shoes, I love the road trips the most that I wouldn't trade for anything. Something that I think I would like to pass to my kid(s) too.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Life Lesson from Passengers

"I hope you finally find someone who fills your heart. And I hope you let him in. I hope you'd realize you don't have to do something amazing to be happy."

Wishes from a best friend for Aurora (Passengers movie, 2016)  on her farewell party before traveling the space on the starship Avalon to colonize another planet. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Give Up

One of the things that I might give up other than designing is maybe driving in Jakarta. I wouldn't be able to stand the nasty heavy traffic jam and the 'wilderness' of the people on the road. Every time we are riding on Jakarta's roads, I am always at this panic mode where I scream most of the time, it seems like those drivers would hit each other to have their cars moved first.

I really do hope that this condition will get better years from now, because this is the place where I spent most of my life growing up and where my family and the people I love live.

Hello, goodbye!